25 facts about Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

1.) Pilgrims did not wear buckled hats! We better tell our elementary art teachers 😦

Buckles didn’t even become fashionable until the 18th century.

2.) Thanksgiving has no religious origins.


3.) Thanksgiving did not originate in America.

Harvest festivals predated Europeans settling in America. These celebrations were brought over from Europe by colonists. Along with this, you should know that there were multiple “First Thanksgiving”s – numerous places along the East Coast – at different times, with different people. (Not just the 1621, 3-day celebration by Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock with (perhaps) some Wampanoag Indians.)

4.) Pilgrims’ clothes were likely NOT black and white. They were most likely earthtone.

Black fabric was extremely expensive at the time.

5.) The Native American Indians were NOT wearing loincloths. New England in November — way too cold, holy cow!!!

6.) “Traditional” food that isn’t actually traditional…….

Turkey, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, CRANBERRY SAUCE!

They probably had goose or duck instead of turkey at these original harvest festivals. Perhaps even swans, pigeons and SEAFOOD (yummy).

7.) No forks! Forks had not yet been invented. For silverware, knives and spoons – fingersss, facessss.

8.) There has been a myth for quite some time that the Native Americans taught the pilgrims about popcorn and even brought some to the First Thanksgiving. This would be a neat story. Alas, it is only a story. Not factual. DISAPPOINTMENT.

9.) Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Google miss Sarah Josepha Hale. She was a magazine editor in New Hampshire. She used 17 years of her life (omgoodness) campaigning for a nationally recognized thanks to the giving. (This included writing letters to 5 presidents…. Abe Lincoln was the last.)

10.) Abraham is the one who made Thanksgiving a national holiday!

11.) Sarah (see #9) wrote Mary Had a Little Lamb.

12.) Before Thanksgiving became a nat’l holiday, Thomas Jefferson was quoted calling Thanksgiving “the most ridiculous idea”.

13.) I love presidents, so fascinating. FDR tried to move the holiday one week earlier (in 1939) in order to quicken the post-holiday shopping. Due to the Depression.

14.) In 1941, Congress officially declared the holiday as the fourth Thursday of the month.

15.) TURKEY DOESN’T MAKE YOU SLEEPY. (Perhaps you are tired of hearing your great uncle talk your ear off about the NSA.)

16.) Minnesota produces the most turkeys. (None were killed by me. Nor will any ever be.)

17.) Last year, 2012, 46 MILLION turkeys were eaten on Thanksgiving Day. My guess was way low, hahahha. 736 million pounds of turkey…….

18.) There is a National Turkey Federation.

Is there a National Lemur Federation? National Polar Bear Federation? I will be looking this up. I would like to partake in both, if they exist.

19.) Football on Turkey Day? The first time this occurred was in 1876. It was Yale and Princeton who went head to head that day. The tradition continued when the NFL was created in 1920. 6 National Football League games were played that day.

20.) The Detroit Lions are most typically associated with Thanksgiving games because, in 1934, G. A. Richards bought the Lions and scheduled a Thanksgiving game against the Bears. The only time the Lions have failed to play on the holiday since was during WWII.

21.) Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is not the oldest thx parade. Gimbels Thanksgiving Day Parade was FIRST. 1920, in Philadelphia.

22.) 1924 was the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It featured live animals from the Central Park Zoo! Elephants, camels, lions! …..and no balloons.

23.) The live animals tradition lasted only 3 years (shocker!… bummer). In 1927, the first Macy’s Parade balloon was Felix the Cat.

24.) Originally, at the end of the parade, the balloons would be let go into the sky to float around awhile. No more 80 foot Kermit the Frog flying around the Statue of Liberty. Poor, lonely lady liberty 😦

25.) During WWII, the parade was cancelled and the rubber from the balloons was given to help the war effort.

This information was learned via http://mentalfloss.com/ and one of my favourite people in the entire world, JOHN GREEN.




With today being Thanksgiving, I believe it’s a great time to write a post about being thankful. Some people don’t know how blessed they are, and I don’t believe you can truly be happy until you take a step back from life and appreciate all the little things. I chose staying home on “blackout Wednesday” over going out with friends, because I knew hanging out with loved ones on Thanksgiving would be a much larger payout than spending a few hours at a bar with friends I can see anytime I want. I was right. So many people are in need of the little things that we take for granted. I whine about being outside in the cold, but at least I have a vehicle with heat, and a house that is warm. Someday all your loved ones will be gone, regretting time not spent with them is not something I want to have to deal with. Today my grandma pulled me aside and asked if I would like the cross from the top of her mother’s (my great grandma’s) casket from her funeral. Such an amazing thing!!! Such a treasure and a very kind gesture. I truly believe the Lord has blessed my life in the best way. It is so overwhelming how great my life has become while on my journey to get closer to Him. Sometimes it becomes so overwhelming that I don’t even know what to do. I know I’m on the right path, because it’s very rare for me to regret a decision I make. Something always seems to happen that makes me realize I am making the right choices. I.e. great grandma’s cross.

I am so thankful.


Aristotle on Friendship

I do not see eye-to-eye with Aristotle on everything, but I certainly consider him a great scholar and teacher. I agree with a large amount of what he says about friendship. Here is a summary:


Aristotle starts his discussion of friendship by saying it something that involves virtue – in a way, perhaps, even is a virtue itself. Friendship is an integral part of every human being’s life. No matter how wealthy a person is, no matter how successful – everyone needs at least one friend. Aristotle even seems to shape the question of: “without friendships, what is the point?” I very much like this view. He gives other examples of the necessity of friends. The first I would like to note is friendship in poverty and tough times. Friends are often times the only refuge. Another is needing friends to keep you in line and help you not to err. We also need friends in old age and in times of poor health. We all need people to take care of us at least one time in our lives. We also need people to support us. We need people who will be there when things in life get hard. Aristotle views friendship as a natural human instinct. You can see this in his Politics, as well. As he states that humans are political and social animals. He believes humans are meant to not in isolation, but in community with one another. To link these, he says, “…friendship would seem to hold cities together…” (119)

Aristotle teaches there are three types of friendships. He corresponds the three types with the three objects of love. There are relationships in which the two love each other for utility. This is loving the other NOT in his own right, “but insofar as they gain some good for themselves from him” (121). Then, there are those who love for pleasure. This is similar to the first example. This is when someone loves another for what they get out of being in friendship with that person, not truly for who they are and not as the beloved is who he is. These types of friendships are not strong; they easily break apart. The friendship ends once the person feels they are not getting enough pleasure out of the other person.

The best type of friendship is the following one, the third one Aristotle describes. “Complete friendship is the friendship of good people similar in virtue; for they wish goods in the same way to each other insofar as they are good, and they are in their own right” (122). This is very different from the previous two types of friendship. This is true, genuine and sincere; wishing good for the other for the sake of the other. This type of friendship is beautiful and lasts as long as they are good – an virtue is enduring. This type of friendship is advantageous to both people in the relationship. “For the cause of every friendship is good or pleasure, either unqualified or for the lover, and every friendship accords with some similarity” (122). This type of friendship and the things which come along with it are pleasant without qualification, which makes them the most lovable of all. This type of friendship is rare and it needs time to grow. To have a true friendship in this way, you must know the other very very well.

I love this: “For though the wish for friendship comes quickly, friendship does not” (123).

The best type of friendship is complete in both time and in other ways. Each person of the friendship gets similar things from each other. This is an integral part of true friendship. If a friendship is one-sided, it is not true friendship. The first two types of friendship resemble friendship, but are not truly friendship. Something I think is very relevant to relationships today: “Those who exchange utility rather than pleasure in their erotic relations are friends to a lesser extent and less enduring friends” (123). I see this happen so often. You are able to see that it is not true friendship whenever the utility is removed. When the advantage of being their friend is no longer, the friendship dissolves.


Don’t Be a Fartbag

Today, I want to talk a little bit about apologizing.

First of all, stop saying “sorry” 100 times a day. So many of us say sorry TOO MUCH!!! It loses value that way. We say it for things that don’t even make sense to apologize for. We say it when we don’t mean it. This is not what I wanted to focus on, but I wanted to add it as a piece to take away and think about. If you strive to be a sincere, genuine person – stop saying sorry so much.

Alright, now to not being a fartbag. No matter how awesome you are, you are going to slip up at times. Sometimes you just flat-out make a poor decision. Other times, you are doing something with the best of intentions, but the result is not so great. And, then, there are times when we cause pain or negativity in another’s life completely by chance or accident. No matter what the intentions or thoughts behind the action are, if you cause pain or negativity somehow in another’s life – there are two courses of next-action. You can either choose to make amends or you can choose to be a fartbag. Don’t be a fartbag. Apologizing is not weak, it is not a sign of failure. It is actually a sign of strength, integrity and of admirable character. A lot of people choose to be a fartbag because they can’t fight their big pride monster. Not being able to apologize is the sign of weakness. Of failure. Fight it! Beat it! Admit fault, to yourself first. Be like, “Hey, self. I love you and you’re awesome, but you kinda made an oops. That’s OK. We’re going to continue being awesome by making this right.” Then go do what you have to do.


Don’t blame other people for your oopsies.

Don’t blame people for how they feel. You have no authority to say whether someone should be hurt or not. If they’re hurt because of you, you need to make it right. “Don’t be so sensitive.” – no. don’t say this. “Well, you should realize what I have to go through. Your pain is nothing compared to mine.” NO! STOP BEING A FARTBAG!

Don’t say sorry when you don’t truly mean it. Or don’t understand what you did that was wrong. Because, then, your sorry is just a bag of farts.

Don’t express only sympathy. Don’t just be sorry that the person is hurt. Be sorry that YOU caused the hurt.

Stop thinking apologizing is a sign of weakness. NOOOOO. It is a sign of strength.

Do not only say the three words, “I am sorry.” Say WHY. Say how you’re going to change. Express to them you are accepting blame.

Do not go on in the same way as you were before. Whatever the situation is, it is an opportunity to grow! Become an even more awesome person through the experience.

Stop comparing yourselves to other people. Period. You’re not competing with other human beings on who is the most awesome. Compete with yourself. Be more awesome than you were yesterday. Yeah, just want to reiterate, here….. STOP COMPARING YOURSELVES TO OTHERS. Love others. Be as awesome TO others as you possibly can. Because love and other people – they’re the meaning of life.



God is Good, Even When Not Understood

A month ago or so, I bought tickets for a concert. Steven Curtis Chapman, Jason Gray and Laura Story. Not a day went by since finding out about the concert, that I did not smile with excitement. The first two artists have both made a very big impact in my life and journey in Christ. I have cried singing their songs in worship on my own – sitting at our kitchen table on my laptop. I have met Jason a couple of times and he is easily one my favourite people in the entire world. I admire him more than almost anyone. Constantly, I was filled with warmth in anticipation to be able to worship God and become closer to Him with these three remarkable people.

One of my closest friends (we’ll call him Oslo) and I set off for the concert at about 3:45PM – singing to music we were soon to hear live. It was about a 2.5 hour trip to get to the city where the concert was being held. We had made about an hour and a half, when our vehicle broke down out of nowhere. In the middle of nowhere. We were in the middle of the country and it was already dark outside. As well as being intensely windy and a “feels like” temperature of 2 degrees. There were only two houses to be found anywhere in sight. Oslo and I went to the house with lights on. The door was opened by a tall, slender male in his late 20s. A top poodle barking with its camouflage sweater just behind him.  He was quiet and I explained what happened. He allowed us to come in just as his wife-to-be appeared at the top of the stairs with a curious but kind expression. We asked about the nearest town, finding out there was a very small town 2 miles North and a city 10 miles back the way we had come. It was now about 6:00PM on a Friday evening, 24 hour towing services would be open, but no repair shops anywhere near. They helped us look up a towing company for the small town. As I was on the phone and finding out that it would be 145 dollars to tow our vehicle just 2 miles, the wife interjected, saying we could just push it into their driveway for now and try to figure something else out. I told the man on the other end of the phone that I was going to call my Papi before I did anything more. This was all taking place inside the front door of their split-level home. I could tell you many things about the world, but I am not sure I would know how to change a tire. I knew by this time there would be no way of making it to the concert. I had pushed that out of my mind for the moment and focused on how kind these two strangers were being to us. I was now on the phone with Papi and the plan was for my parents to drive the hour and a half to get us, stay in a hotel and then get the rest figured out in the morning when places were open and it was light outside. I explained what had happened exactly when the vehicle quit – trying to determine what the actual problem was. Oslo then spoke to his father on the phone doing the same, explaining our situation and discussing what the vehicle problem most likely is. After hanging up with Papi for the second time, the husband offered that he could take a look for us. The wife chimed in with that he comes from a family of mechanics and, thus, is pretty handy. This is the point where I started to become overwhelmed by their kindness and the situation’s unfolding. We went out in the bitter cold with a flashlight and some device the husband grabbed from their garage. We pushed the vehicle into their drive – off the shoulder of the highway – and then he assessed the problem. It was the alternator that decided to stop working on us. We got back inside to the warmth, the husband’s fingers frozen. Mine being perfectly well, since the wife gave me gloves to wear. Their attitudes did not show a hint of annoyance! The wife was bubbly, talkative and so friendly. The husband went about everything as if he were doing something for a good friend. We got inside and looked through the phone book for places to go get another alternator and for someone to fix the vehicle. Within the conversation about all this, the husband says, “You know, I could probably fix it for ya. I know how.” (I will try to keep the anecdote shorter as I go now – getting long.) We ended up staying at their home overnight. We called our parents back to let them know no one had to come and get us. It was about 8:30PM at this point. We all went downstairs and watched BUSTED and then a movie. We learned that they had lived there for a few years together and were going to get married in January. The bridal shower is today (Sunday). There was a photo on the wall behind the couch they were sitting on and I recognized the hotel. Crazy – my family has stayed at the same hotel in the Riviera Maya as the couple. Ocean Coral & Turquesa. The hotel they are going back to in January to tie the knot. We then looked through picture books of their past vacations and shared stories and laughs. They went up to ben a little after 9:00PM and we slept on the couches. In the morning, we drove about 15 minutes to an auto place and got an alternator. It was 235 dollars – having had 60 dollars taken off for the old alternator they planned on fixing and selling. We drove back to their house and he went outside to work in the freeeeezing cold. He told us there was nothing for us to do out there, so we stayed in the warm and cozy house. He came in about 40 minutes later because it was just so cold and he needed to warm up. Completely great attitude. Just went about it. He finished up at about 11:05AM. We got their address, added them as friends on facebook, tried to somehow sufficiently display how grateful we were and how wonderful of people they are for helping in all the ways they did and then we headed to Minneapolis. My parents and sister were driving to Minneapolis at the same time, as we had tickets to the Gophers/Badgers game at TCF Bank Stadium. 2:30PM start time. Oslo dropped me off at 12:30 – the corner of Washington Ave Se & Ontario St SE. I ran a block down in my TOMS and thin clothing to PUNCH Pizza, meeting my parents and sister inside. They brought me all kinds of warm clothing and I bundled on up. I wasn’t able to take my medicine Friday night or Saturday – but I did not even get a headache until the very last part of the game! The ride home was rough, but not awful. Plus, I was asked to go see the 2nd Hunger Games movie by someone I always enjoy spending time with. I took medicine as soon as I got home. I started feeling very sick while we were waiting in line. Pounding headache, dizzy and feeling like I may throw up. You can ask the friend I went with about the crazy noises my stomach was making. It was very angry! I had to put my head in between my legs once we sat down in the theatre and it just did not feel like it was going to get any better. The loud noises from the commercials/trailers and from all the people in the packed theatre, plus all the movement and light changing on the big screen…. it was not super fun. But, right as the movie was starting, it went away. Totally, everything. My stomach hurt, but nothing I couldn’t ignore. (Though, it made scary noises during some quiet parts! heheheh)

Missing that concert was tough for me. A time of worship with people I admire so much. I have felt my relationship with God getting stronger than it ever has been before. It was going to be a time where I got even closer to God. A time where I was just going to let myself raise my hands up to the Father and let tears fall. Feeling so undeserving for He has blessed me with and completely overwhelmed by His love and mercy and grace and greatness and holiness and goodness. Once we got settled on their couches for the night, I let myself think a little. I said to Oslo, “If we had not been going anywhere but home or something, I would have thought this to be the coolest thing ever. But, to tell you the truth, I am pretty crestfallen right now.”

Part of me was very calm and happy, even. I definitely was thankful. SO thankful. I mean, we did the math of what it probably would have cost had the couple not been so caring, generous and hospitable. It easily would have been a thousand dollars. Not including the tickets for seats which remained empty during the concert. But, I was trying to think of what God’s purpose was with this. Why would He not want me to go to something that was all about praising Him and would have brought me closer to Him? I tried to think about what I was learning from the situation – how I was growing. I didn’t feel like I was learning anything new. I discussed these things with Oslo and he brought up that God could have been testing me. I truly had been feeling closer to God than ever before and I was being more open about talking about Him to pretty much anyone and everyone around me. I had been giving Christ-following advice to many people. Multiple times talking about we have to trust God even if we do not understand what He is doing. I have always been very good about figuring out a WHY. Thinking about all the good things coming out of a situation, thinking about how I was becoming stronger and wiser through trials. But, this, I just could not think of a reason. A WHY. For what God was thinking; His purpose. Maybe it was a time being used to see if I would start to question, or if I would trust. Even if I had no idea what He was thinking or why He chose for that to happen. I did, I trusted Him. I am not going to pretend that I was incredibly bummed about the concert. More than I can even explain. But, I was not upset at Him. I was incredibly thankful. I enjoyed our adventure. I had one of the best Saturdays of the entire year. And, I thought of something. I kept trying to think about what’s God’s purpose was with this…. pertaining to ME. What if it was not about me? What if it was about Oslo? What if it was about the kind couple we crossed paths with?

What if God was using me to touch THEIR lives? Maybe, through me, He was showing them love and teaching them things. Touching their lives through my actions and words in the situation. What a great blessing it would be for me to have Him use me to touch others lives. I hope that I was able to act in accord with how Jesus would have acted. And, I hope I DID touch their lives. I talked about God to them, so they know what I live for. Hopefully they were able to see His life in me.

That is what I pray. For, it is not about me. It is about Him. #always #HisLove

Define “Boring”

In our society today I believe most people are looking to be “cool”, or to “fit in”. Many people are accustomed to being surrounded by people all day, every day. It seems almost impossible for someone not to be completely dependent on the feelings and actions of another. To me, this seems like very unhealthy behavior. So what if I’d rather stay home and read a book than spend a night out with friends? Being called “boring” has never been an insult to me. I’ll admit that sometimes I may come off a little boring. I’m very happy with my “boring” lifestyle. Sometimes it’s nice to have a certain independence. You will never be completely free if you keep living for someone else and not for Him.

Why is it that so many people look up to you for going to church? I’ve never had anyone tell me that I shouldn’t go, for any reason, even from people who themselves don’t go. I don’t know if they are scared or afraid. Let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Going and spending an hour in the presence of God and people who have the same beliefs as I do, gives me a GREAT start to every week. I can definitely feel myself being refreshed after that one hour every Sunday morning. Complete and total breath of fresh air. If I ever feel like I’m going down the wrong path, I know all I need to do is pray.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”
Proverbs 3:5-6



He will provide

This seems so fitting after the blogs from yesterday. 

Recently, I’ve been giving more to charity. Last week I received a refund check from my insurance for $70. I thought nothing of it until today I received another check in the mail for $30. Granted, it’s my own money, just refund checks. It was nothing I expected. If you ever feel like you have nothing to give, you really do. It will all come back to you. He will provide in times of need and struggle. Tough times- look up. There’s nothing you can’t do. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. 



Tough Times – look up!

My friends, do not become weary in times of trouble. God will not give you more than you can handle. Just as Group 1 Crew sings, “Don’t you forget what He said, I won’t give you more, more than you can take. And, I might let you bend, but I won’t let you break.” God loves each and every one of us. He made us and we are His children! He is always on our team and He is always cheering us on toward great things. James 1:2-4 tells us to consider difficult times as pure joy. When we are confronted with trials and temptations, look above! He will give you the strength to get through anything and everything. Your situation may seem like more than you can handle. To tell you the truth, it is! That is, if you try to conquer it on your own. Call upon the Lord and He will give you the strength you need. He presents you with troubles to make you stronger, to make your faith deeper and to give you steadfastness and perseverance. How are we, as people, to get better if we are not tested? There are so many gyms and fitness centers. Basically, you throw a rock and you’ll hit one. What are those places for? For bettering oneself. A muscle only grows when you put it to work. Even more important than our physical health, is our spiritual health. Our spiritual health goes hand-in-hand with how we conduct ourselves – how we interact with others and how we deal with situations.

If you are struggling with a particular sin, do not lose hope. Romans 3:23: For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Sometimes it may feel like it, but you are not alone! Not only that, but God still loves you the same! No matter what you do, His love never wavers and you can repent. (Repent is not to simply to admit wrong. It is to change your ways.) You can do it, and the One above believes in you. He is on your team and will never put down His foam finger.

Pray, fellow brothers and sisters, pray! As Stellar Kart puts it, “Even if you don’t know the right words to say, pray.” There are many times we are not sure what we want to say and it keeps us from talking to God. God knows your heart. Ask Him for forgiveness and, then, forgive yourself. It can be incredibly difficult to let go of our sins. Especially if it is a habit of sins over an extended period of time. One of the first steps of letting go is owning up. It does not solve our problem to cast the blame onto someone else, because our heart still knows the truth. Admit to yourself your wrong doing and then tell God, “Father, I understand that what I did was wrong. I feel this burden in my heart and I have learned.” Ask our Father to help you feel free of your sin. Because, truly, you have already been freed!  Many years before you were even brought into this world, at Calvary’s Hill, Jesus Christ died for your sins. Satan used Adam to bring sin to the world, but God gave His son to redeem! He made His son human enough to suffer insurmountably, but Divine enough to save all whom believe in the Father. God loves you so unfathomably much and He knew you were going to be messy! Although He knew we were going to sin and make plenty of mistakes, do not forget that He made us in His image. That should fill us with strength and empowerment.

It makes no difference how far we fall into sin. It does not matter how long we have lived a sin-filled life. The grace of God is more than sufficient to heal and to help us out of Satan’s grasp. (Romans 5:20)


What You Give Response

I think there are a few answers that make this issue so prevalent. An issue, yes, I call it that rightly so. Our kindness lacks very much and it hinders every person – the people not receiving kindness and the ones not giving it, both. I am with you, I cannot make it through a day without positively impacting at least one other person. It’s a need – an addiction, really. I think one of the biggest things is that people don’t understand how good it feels to be kind to others. Through all of the t.v. shows, video games, magazines of celebrities and such; our views get clouded about what happiness is and what things give us true happiness. We invest our time and and thought in things that are temporary and material and just shallow. And, things that make us be so easily disappointed and we go in these waves up moods – changing so easily. We wake up, weigh ourselves, and our 2 pounds heavier – ruins our entire day. We don’t get the raise at work we wanted – we are bitter about it for weeks. We NEED our shows and our social networks and our games, otherwise we are irritable and apathetic. We don’t enjoy those feelings! They stink! Yet, we choose to continue putting our worth and our energy into these things that DON’T truly matter. Happiness DOES matter. Kindness DOES matter. Kindness, unlike these aforementioned things, is long-lasting. Kindness is full and true and contagious! It is good for everyone! They have done many studies on happiness. Being kind to others & being generous spikes our “happy neuron” firings. And, I am talking here about the GIVERS. Giving can almost be a selfish act, really, because of the benefits it blesses the giver with. I think there is a strong correlation, here, to forgiveness. Lawana Blackwell put it very well, “Forgiveness is almost a selfish act because of its immense benefits to the one who forgives. Exactly! Forgiveness is way way more for the person doing the forgiving than the one being forgiven. Get that weight off of your shoulders and forgive! Be understanding and compassionate. That person who wronged you – surprise them with kindness! You could change their life. Then, when they act differently, they are WANTING to. It is out of love. Not out of not wanting to get in trouble or not wanting someone mad at them. Completely different things. Plus, when you show them that kindness, you’ll be surprised by what you feel inside. Then spread it, man, spread it! You’re going through the drive thru in the morning and pay for the coffee behind you, as well! It is such a rush! They’ll be so surprised and you know you just made their whole day. Everybody is fighting a tough battle. Maybe that coffee you just bought was for someone whose mother just passed away. You go to school or work and decided to talk with someone you usually don’t. Ask them how they’re doing, ask them what kind of music they like – be genuinely interested in what they have to say! You will see them be surprised by your kindness, but in a good way. It will fill them with warmth. Seeing that will then fill YOU with warmth. You will be transformed. You will start to look for ways to be more kind. Random acts of kindness, the way you carry yourself, EVERYTHING. Kindness is always there. It never leaves. You always, always have the ability to be kind. You always have the ability to tap into that happiness that being kind brings. Your mood won’t fluctuate so easily when you start to place your worth, time and energy in love rather than the superficial things of the world.
I think everyone is kind inside and I think everyone is also a little bit broken inside. We just have to let love take over us.


What You Give Is What You Receive.

Why is it so hard for some people to do the right thing? People often look up to acts of kindness, but never actually make a change in their own lives. I know for me personally, I cannot go a day without making some sort of impact on another persons day. I can’t handle passing a homeless man on the street without giving him a little cash. People often wonder why I would do such a thing, making myself so vulnerable to being taken advantage of. To me, it really isn’t like that. Doing the right thing is reward enough, whether the act is appreciated or not. Nothing can be said that would even come close to describing the way charity can change a life. In a rut? Go to church. Donate money or time. Smile. Don’t just sit around in pity. What you give is what you receive.